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Microsoft Azure Identity Provider

The following guide shows how to configure Microsoft Azure as a SAML identity provider for Veezoo.

Create an enterprise application

  1. Log into the Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Portal

  2. In the sidebar, navigate to Azure Active Directory then to Enterprise Applications

    Azure Active DirectoryEnterprise Applications
  3. Click on New Application then on Create your own application

    New applicationCreate your own application
  4. Enter a name for the application and click on Create

    Enter a name

Configure single sign-on

  1. Open the enterprise application created above and click on Setup single sign on then on SAML

    Setup single sign-onSAML
  2. In the Basic SAML Configuration section, click on Edit to edit the configuration

    Basic SAML Configuration
    • set the Identifier to:
    • set the Reply URL to: https://<subdomain>
    • set Sign on URL to: https://<subdomain>

    Don't forget to replace <subdomain> by the actual subdomain attributed to your organization. The above information is available in and can be copied from Veezoo Admin, see here.

  3. In the Attributes & Claims section you can optionally configure the attributes to be included in the SAML assertions that are sent to Veezoo

    Attributes & Claims

    These attributes can be used when configuring user attributes in Veezoo.

  4. Click on Save and close the editing form

  5. Download the Federation Metadata XML from the SAML Signing Certificate

    Federation Metadata XML

    The contents of this file need to be entered when configuring the identity provider in Veezoo.

Provide access to users

  1. Open the enterprise application created above and click on Assign users and groups

    Assign users and groups
  2. Click on Add user/group

    Add user/group
  3. Select the users or groups to grant access to Veezoo and click on Assign

Configure Veezoo

Configure and enable single sign-on in Veezoo Admin according to the documentation.