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A description is a short text that explains to the business user what a given concept (e.g. class, relationship, entity, attribute) means.

This is presented to the user in the sidebar, when the user clicks on the Knowledge Graph tab and hovers over the concepts.


The property description can be used in class, relationship, entity and all attributes. It is a single String value per language (no Array is allowed) and is defined with a language tag (en for English, it for Italian, de for German, fr for French or all for all languages).


kb {
class User {
name.en: "User"

description.en: "All users that ever used our product, including those that eventually cancelled their subscription."


boolean is_Owner {
name.en: "Owner"

// hint: use triple quotes for multi-line
description.en: """
A user is an owner if it was the user that created the organization.
Every organization has exactly one owner.

sql: "${user.is_owner} = 1"