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Monitoring Usage with MetaVeezoo

Language-based Self-Service Analytics solutions like Veezoo are changing the way businesses access, delve into, and comprehend their data, providing the most natural approach to data analysis & exploration.

Unlocking data democratization on a large scale, however, necessitates a profound understanding of how such a solution is being used. Awareness of patterns such as the nature of questions, login frequency, demanded data points, and system performance is indispensable for a successful adoption.

A Panoramic View of Self-Service User Behaviour

MetaVeezoo has been engineered to provide complete transparency into the usage of Veezoo. It enables a thorough monitoring & analysis of user behavior and system performance.

As integral part of Veezoo, MetaVeezoo gives the data team an unparalleled understanding of the usage patterns needed to push the adoption of the platform to the next level.

It allows the data team not only to understand usage patterns but also to proactively identify potential issues before they get reported by users. This helps shift the focus of the data team from the reactive addressing of simple requests to proactively anticipating and preventing issues.

Benefits of MetaVeezoo

  1. From Reactive to Proactive: MetaVeezoo helps the data team to engage with stakeholders proactively. This ensures that potential questions or doubts are addressed in advance, making for a smooth adoption process.

  2. Understanding data requirements: MetaVeezoo gives you an in-depth understanding of the types of questions being asked and the precise data points users are seeking, even when they're not yet available through Veezoo. This invaluable information allows you to extend the Knowledge Graph with new data points before users even reach out to the data team - making the end-user experience magical.

  3. Improving the User Experience: By understanding the preferences and interaction behavior of users, MetaVeezoo aids in delivering personalized and efficient user-experiences, thereby increasing the adoption rate of the platform.

  4. Monitor what's important to you: Create your own monitoring dashboard to track the most important metrics for the succesful usage of Veezoo within your organization. Such as number of logins, questions, performance of the questions etc.

Who can access MetaVeezoo

MetaVeezoo is part of the Professional package (and upwards) and restricted to Creator users.

How to access MetaVeezoo

You can open Metaveezoo directly by going to or using the Knowledge Graph switcher:

Open MetaVezoo

Example Questions you could ask in MetaVeezoo

  1. How did the numbers of logins develop this week?
  2. Top 10 users by number of questions this month
  3. Show me all negative feedback from this week
  4. Show me all unrecognized concepts from questions this week
  5. What's the average SQL Duration of questions this month?

Below you can see all the available attributes of MetaVeezoo. You can use them to create your own questions.


Note: There’s a 15 min delay between any activity on Veezoo and it appearing in MetaVeezoo.

Available Attributes of MetaVeezoo

Available Attributes of MetaVEezoo