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Transform Your Data and Simplify The Knowledge Graph

boolean: I want to define a custom boolean, e.g. 'orders.QUANTITY > 100' means 'big'

date: I want to import a varchar column as a date in Veezoo, e.g. TO_DATE(date_str, 'YYYYMMDD')

number: I want to transform a numeric column in Veezoo, e.g. 'orders.price_in_EUR * 1.1' means 'price_in_CHF'

relationship: I need to join two tables without foreign keys set

join: I want to hide a junction/intermediate table from my Veezoo users

join - Multi-Joins: I need to join two tables over a third table

join - Advanced Joins: I need to join two tables with a complicated join condition

Normalizing the KG: I have everywhere the same column (e.g. Status), but I just want to see it once in Veezoo

Bucketize a numeric column: I want to bucketize a numeric column into ranges, e.g. classroom.SIZE into '1 - 10', '10 - 100' and '100+'

virtual_table: I want to define a view in Veezoo directly instead of using a table or changing the database

computation: I want Veezoo to be able to use this SQL function that it doesn't know yet, e.g. percentile_cont