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Get Veezoo to Understand Your Questions

synonym: I want to say 'NYC', instead of 'New York City'

default_date: If I say 2018, I mean Order Date in 2018

default_order: If I say 'top 10 orders', I mean 'top 10 orders by profit'

onto.Person: I want to say 'who' and see 'customers'

onto.Location: I want to say 'where' and see 'countries'

onto.Birthdate: I want to ask about 'birthdays next week' based on a Birthdate column

creation_date: I want to ask about the age of something based on a date

default_aggregation: When I say 'temperature per year', I want the average temperature per year, not the sum

KB_Union: I want to say Nordic Countries and see only Norway, Sweden, etc.

KB_LowLinkingPriority: I want Veezoo to always prefer the state of New York instead of the city of New York when I say 'New York'